Serron Nghoshi is the founder of consultancy firm Nghoshi P.S. Investment CC. He also volunteers at the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Namibia and serves as the chairperson of the youth forum in his constituency.

His work at the Ministry of Youth and Sport involves developing workshops to support young people in his constituency. He delivers motivational speeches to encourage young people and help them to realise that there is hope for them; and that they can have the life of their dreams with hard work, tenacity and self-belief. 

Through his consultancy company, Nghoshi P.S. Investment CC, he travels to schools to motivate hard work in school as a way in which they can realise their dreams.

His company also provides leadership training for Leaners Representative Council (LRC) to equip them with the necessary skills that they need to become effective leaders.

His says his work is inspired by the impact that one can make when they know their purpose in life, because with purpose, people can live purposefully. His vision is to establish an accredited leadership training institution and to become an accredited professional speaker, as this would enable him to extend his work across the SADC region. 

His desire is to see the dreams and hopes of people reignited, and for people to realise that there is hope and they can get a second chance. He believes that his motivational work has the potential to make people realise their full potential, by changing attitudes and looking at life from a different perspective.