Shulamite Lekalakala is a mind trainer, her work involves mind training for learners to achieve distinctions and for teachers to produce distinctions. 

She also hosts anti-bullying workshops at schools and workplaces. 

She also conducts mind-training toughness courses for sportsmen and women, mind training for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) creativity and innovation campaigns in schools, colleges and universities.

Her work also entails mind training in decolonising education, where she helps South Africans to document their family histories, heritage and family trees. Her work involves mind training on relationship audit, where she helps individuals to develop a healthy relationship with themselves, with their money, with their colleagues and with their families, especially their spouses.

Shulamite’s mind training programme has been impactful in unleashing people’s potential and enabling them to realise that there is more beyond the fear and the challenges that they face; and most importantly in enabling people to realise that change must happen first in the mind to manifest itself in reality.

She chose this line of work because she was disappointed by the government when they reduced the pass mark at school to 35%. She realised that mind training for learners to achieve distinctions would motivate them to aim higher and challenge themselves into getting very good marks to compete in the global market. 

The high rate of bullying in schools and in the workplace also drove her to come up with a solution the challenge – and mind training has provided a solution to an extent to address some of these challenges. As South Africa struggles with a number of socio-economic issues, she has found mind-training to bridge the gap between current realities and the future of people – and provide newfound hope for hopeless situations. 

The programme has been essential in helping people manage themselves, feel motivated to do better and more, and in some instances better manage their finances. 

Her vision is to expand the practice to reach more people across South Africa and the region, by training more trainers on mind-training and the impact it can have in changing attitudes and changing lives and communities. Her desire is to see Africans improving their self-esteem and not looking down at themselves as is the current practice