Teza Ngambi is a motivational speaker and an author. He holds interactive talks, goes to primary schools to encourage and influence the children there. He is also a writer, his articles have been published in newspapers. 

Having been exposed to high levels of poverty, he had a desire to change his community and took a decision to begin to change attitudes and perceptions in order to change people’s livelihoods through motivational talks. 

His work has been critical in changing the attitudes of the young people who have heard his talks; and community members who have heard his message. His articles include a mix of motivational write ups and practical solutions to everyday challenges.

Teza’s vision is to change influence positive thinking among young people and enable them to realise that they can contribute towards addressing the challenges of their communities if they adopt the right mindset, irrespective of their current circumstances. 

He is of the view that the young are the economic drivers with great ideas and a vital part of economies as they have the right energy to make the world a better place – a mindset shift will empower and enable them to begin to contribute actively towards changing circumstances.