Vusikhaya Diko is a political activist and addresses issues and challenges faced by young people, he is the district secretary of the Young Communist League of South Africa.

His work involves challenging the government to assist in ensuring that there are interest and structures put into place for youth development. His role is to ensure that the government realises that the extreme youth unemployment rate is mainly a result of structural weaknesses in the economy (low growth, the capital intensive and skill-intensive bias) and also partly an unintended consequence of policy choices that have been made, as well as sub-optimal education and training outcomes.

Vusikhaya’s interest lies in restoring youth to their rightful position in society and also ensuring that no other young person will be affected by the same issues that affected him when he was a student from a very poor community. 

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His vision is to lead in the National Committee of YCLSA so that he is able to infiltrate some areas that the current leadership has not changed, and also to see education of this country relevant to the interest and needs of our citizens. 

Vusikhaya is of the view that young people of the Southern African countries believe in selling their labour power rather than being their own bosses. The youth must always be at the forefront of any development of their respective countries. Young people also play a vital and important role in reminding people that success and access to power is not the end game. 

The power that has been bestowed on leaders must be used to transform societies. The current position of young folk in the economy and labour market presents significant risks to social and political stability. 

Vusikhaya shared the view that Africa can never change unless Africans change their state of mind and the economy must appreciate African produce.