Mangos originated in Southeast Asia and India, where references to the fruit are documented in Hindu writings dating back to 4000 B.C.

Buddhist monks cultivated the mango and it is considered a sacred fruit in the region because it is said that Buddha himself meditated under a mango tree.


4 large mangos peeled and cubed
20ml gelatine
125ml Clover Krush mango fruit juice
250ml Clover full cream milk
125ml sugar
250ml Clover the Classic Vanilla Yoghurt


1 mango peeled and cut into small cubes
Some mint leaves (optional)


Pulp the mango cubes as softly as possible with a stick blender or food processor.

You will need 750ml mango pulp.

Mix the gelatine with the mango juice and leave till it becomes spongy.

Heat the milk and sugar on a saucepan until hot then remove from the heat. Add the gelatine mixture and stir until dissolved.

Stir the yoghurt mixture into the milk mixture then stir the pulped mango into the mixture until thoroughly mixed.

Decide between two bowls and place in the fridge for four hours to set.

Spoon the mango cubes and mint topping over the individual puddings and serve.

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