Fresh and fabulous meals without the fuss.

If you’re always on the hunt for fresh and nutritious food on the go, you’ll love the concept of Chefs in Cape Town.

Based in the heart of the CBD in St. Johns Street, the restaurant uses a model that’s simplified and minimalistic where they aim to provide excellent quality meals without the fuss that normally surrounds it.

No bookings. No waiters. No tips.


Somewhere between a bustling canteen and sit-down restaurant, the ambiance is light and airy, while the décor is clean and industrial with large windows looking out into the street. The exposed, open-plan kitchen means you can watch as your meals are prepared from scratch.

chefs cape town


From the moment we entered Chefs, we were treated like good old friends which made us feel at ease with service that was excellent and on point.  They immediately explained how the menu worked and offered us something to drink.

Chefs’ menu changes daily giving you three options to choose from including one delicious dessert. There’s no waiters as you make your choice as you enter from where your dish will be served in their signature tray.

#FYI: You can have a look at their daily menu online.


We ordered two of their meal options and the presentation of our meals was extremely clean and beautiful.  If you have an Instagram account, there’s 0% chance that you will be able to resist posting a photo.

We tried the Asian crusted line fish with sesame pakchoi and minted summer slaw. The main was served with sweet potato and lime crisps and green apple salsa and Kimchi mayonnaise on the side. The Kimchi mayonnaise was silky and filled with flavour and perfectly complemented the sweet potato and lime crisps.

#FYI: Filtered still or sparkling water is included on the house with all meals.

“I love their unique approach of freshly made meals cooked in a wood-fired oven… all done by top chefs!” Annette de Wet

chefs cape town asian line fish


We also had the Summer Israeli Salad made up of couscous and halloumi cheese, asparagus and sprinkles of pomegranate. This was served with avo on a bed of fresh salad greens as well as a side dish of hummus and oven-baked bread. Servings of green chutney and ‘tzatziki’ yoghurt were added for an extra kick of flavour.

“The food was tasty and exceptionally fresh – not to mention fulfilling! The couscous was packed with zesty flavours while the halloumi had a spicy oven- baked taste that complemented the rest of the dishes perfectly.” Farah Khalfe

The tangy hummus and bread could have been a meal on its own, yet the generous serving sizes mean you’re presented with a variety of little dishes all stylishly plated on a tray.

“No menus, no waiters, no fancy décor, just three meal choices. No fuss!”

After lunch we couldn’t resist the dessert which Chef Jenny personally delivered to us. Dessert of the day was a refreshing lemon sorbet draped in papaya pieces and granadilla. It was served with a large ginger snap which added a delicate crunch and subtle sweetness that was the perfect way to end off the meal.

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Chef Jenny Ward stands out for putting together beautifully curated meals consisting of carefully sourced fresh ingredients. According to Chefs’ website, Chef Jenny strives to cook honest food using simple traditional techniques with raw ingredients from her selection of carefully sourced suppliers.

chef jenny ward chefs cape town


Because of its popular location, we struggled to find a parking spot. We recommend to make use of public transport to avoid seeking parking space.

The restaurant is open daily from Mondays to Fridays for lunch and dinner. For more information, visit

AUTHOR: Farah Khalfe & Annette de Wet


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