Summer 2016/2017 will be best remembered as the beginning of the frozen alcohol trend.

From ice creams, to frosé’s (frozen rose wine) it was also the year that frozen popsicles hit the SA market.

Combining ice, wine and fruit for homemade cocktails was taken one step further when a slew of frozen, ready to enjoy alcoholic treats hit our shelves just before summer.

With a base of ice, a few herbs and fruit, and of course a nice rose or sparkling wine throw it all into a mold and you could make your own ice popsicles. The trend of frozen rosé’s popped up in New York and London and then made it’s way to SA last year.

The adult slushy was a refreshing and fruity addition to cocktail parties and quickly wine brands like Fourth Street wines caught on and started a DIY campaign so that wine lovers could create their own froze’s at home.

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Like all wine it’s an acquired taste so getting the best out of the trend is about experimenting with different fruits and rosé’s at home and finding the perfect mix.

In September last year, Pierre Jourdan Popsicles hit retail stores and for the first time South Africans could buy wine popsicles. In just over four months it racked up more than R1 million in sales, and inspired people to try the trend at home.

Director of JML Consulting Natasha Alomia says that the Pierre Jourdan Wine Popsicles, or PJ Pops as they are called, took 13 months to plan, conceptualise and develop: “Launching a new brand in what would be considered a luxury item category was not something we did lightly, given the current tight economic times.”

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