When it comes to aphrodisiacs, chocolate and oysters have received all the credit. But finding food that helps boost your sex drive can be as easy as opening up the pantry in your kitchen.

Nutritionist Lyndi Cohen has revealed to Daily Mail Australia that salmon, avocado and tomatoes are not only great for a healthy meal, they’ll also help your libido.

Blood circulation is key when you’re trying to pick food that will help get you in the mood. A lot of the foods that ramp up your sex drive boost circulation,’ Lyndi revealed.

Salmon is packed with fats that are important for both a healthy heart and blood circulation helping boost sexual function. The fish also provides plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, which can increase dopamine levels and help us control everyday stress before getting it on.

‘Healthy fats from things like salmon boost our mood,’ Lyndi said. ‘When you’re in a better mood, you’re more in the mood. Another healthy fat that can help with performance is the potassium-loaded avocado.


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Lyndi revealed that potassium is important to fight against the sodium that sneaks into our body when we eat a lot of processed food, hurting our heart health. Sodium can also impact blood flow and, as anyone who has had too much takeaway Chinese in one sitting knows, cause temporary bloating.

‘Anything that’s going to make you feel bloated may be a mood killer, that’s down to a personal feeling,’ Lyndi said. Meals that are really heavy may cause IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms, discomfort, diarrhoea, constipation one of which you want in the bedroom.

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The positives of potassium can also be found in bananas, which are packed with good carbohydrates that help control our moods. Natural mood stabilizers can also be found in kale and sweet potatoes, which are loaded with vitamin C. ‘That’s really important for helping your body circulate blood and any kind of orange fruit or vegetable is great for circulation,’ Lyndi added.

Sweet potatoes are also great for giving you a slow release of energy that Lyndi revealed will help keep your mood stable all day.


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‘You’re less likely to get hormonal fluctuations,’ Lyndi added. ‘It will help with stamina in the bedroom and [give] the right kind of energy to keep you going.’ ‘A lot of these foods, there’s a lot of crossover,’ she added. ‘They tend to be really good for your mood and your energy levels.’

Zinc is also great for a bedroom boost, and can be as easy to add to your diet as sprinkling pine nuts, flax seeds or pumpkin seeds into your salads and smoothies. Not a fan of nuts? Lyndi revealed that watermelon seeds also pack some zinc punch. Looks like strawberries aren’t the only fruit that are good for the bedroom.


Source: Instagram / veggiekins

And when it comes to the classic chocolate and oysters, Lyndi revealed their mythical aphrodisiac properties are often overblown. ‘You actually need to eat quite a bit to get those benefits, whereas tomato and kale are something we can easily integrate into our lives,’ she said. ‘Then you’re not just waiting for special occasions to get that boost.’ When it comes to libido boosters, Lyndi was most surprised by tomatoes.

They are packed with the nutrient lycopene, which are known for improving heart health and relaxing blood vessels. That makes tomatoes especially beneficial for men when it comes to combating erectile dysfunction.

Tomatoes may help both men and women, but alcohol can have the opposite effect. One or two glasses of red wine can help boost women’s libidos without impairing function but can hurt men’s blood circulation, Lyndi said.

And there are some foods that are best to avoid entirely before a steamy night such as beans, if they’re not already staples of your diet. ‘Don’t get the burrito before the bedroom,’ Lyndi warned. But, as Lyndi proved, there’s plenty of other things you likely already having waiting in your fridge and pantry tonight that will get you in the mood.

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