View Gallery for the Top 10 tweets of “Things I will never do for love”

Firstly, Thanks Tshepo Ya Ba Ngoepe ‏@TJNGOEPE. You’ve told it like it is…

“This hashtag is a lie, we all know love makes us take bad decisions.”

We’ve also identified a few tweets that had the team in peals of laughter:

uCindzy ? ❤IG: ‏@uCindyKubheka

Stop watching Disney Channel✋

G ‏@DeepAtonal

#ThingsIWillNeverDoForLove washing panties

The Instigator ‏@AmBlujay

#ThingsIWillNeverDoForLove Donate a kidney or hairline


#ThingsIWillNeverDoForLove get killed for her bcz I know next day a Jabu will be at her place having cereal with my fav dish while I’m dead

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