There are many sexual fetishes around the world but did you know that people actually get it off by sniffing soiled underwear?

Yep. That’s an actual thing.

Bromidrophilia is the scientific word for it. Bromidrophilia refers to an individual who finds the natural body odors of a person to be the most arousing erotic stimulus imaginable.

Urban Dictionary on the other hand gives a more explicit but easily understandable definition of a “Panty Sniffer”.

Literally, “A person who sniffs women’s underwear for sexual gratification.”

According to psychologist and sexologist – Dr. Marelize Swart, a person who develops a fetish for sniffing panties could be traced to a younger time when that person sniffed a panty (his/her mom’s or sister’s or any female panty for that matter) and then developed a liking for that.

When that person becomes a teenager, this behavior then becomes sexualized and remains that way for the rest of his/her life. 

Any fetish is very resistant to change as it becomes part of the particular person’s arousal template.

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A fetish or “fetishism” is characterised as a disorder when there is a pathological assignment of sexual fixation, fantasies, or behaviors toward an inanimate object.

The object of affection is commonly an item of clothing, such as a high-heeled shoe, or in this case, underwear.

Getting a “high” off sniffing some used undies doesn’t just apply to underwear. It ranges from stockings, bras, pantyhose and even jockstraps.

Remember that any fetish develops into a unique arousal template for that particular person. 

Dr. Micheal Aron – sex therapist and author states that “lots of men enjoy the smell of a vagina, particularly when the woman is aroused and lubricated…People release pheromones, a unique scent that may often be sexually stimulating.”

So the “sweet” smell that is released from ones genitals could actually be such a turn on for so many people that happen to have this fetish.

Now you know!

That your under garments could be the next best thing for your current/potential lover.

-Zuhaa Isaacs

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