Shisanyamas are fast competing with established restaurants and fast food outlets and the culture has grown so much in the city, that there’s even a Shisanyama Festival, which will take place later this year, and awards the best shisanyama establishments in the city.

Having started off as a way for township butcheries to increase their weekend sales, shisanyama outlets have grown in popularity and have become sizzling businesses.

It’s a place where people go to relax, socialise, read the papers, have meat braaied for them, while they listen to good local music and catch up with friends.

Last year’s winner was Bless Makhanya’s Cafe Skyzer. From the beginning, I am sure the founders have always worked to ensure that the very best service is provided, ensuring that their patrons needs are met at all times.  

But there comes a time when people take advantage of those services being offered to them and use them wrongly.

I believe a shisanyama outlet is just like any other established eatery that has its customer rules which people should put up with.

I frequent shisanyamas weekly and the things that people do, bothers me. Some people clearly have no respect for shisanyama culture and tend to spoil the fun for everyone else.

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So if you haven’t been to a shisanyama (you really need to go, at least once a year) these are my tips on how to handle yourself so that you have a good time.

Four Common Mistakes People Need To Stop Doing At Shisanyamas

People not washing their hands before eating

It’s basic courtesy and good hygiene.

The culture of shisanyama is all about communal eating. We eat from the same wooden board, so please make sure your hands are clean, especially those people who love cutting meat.

Licking fingers when you are finished eating

At every shisanyama place there is a bucket of water with soap and a cloth offered after you have finished eating and serviettes. They are provided for a reason, so use them.

Licking fingers is not hygienic. 

Using a table cloth to wipe your hands

A table cloth is used to cover the table but here you are using it to wipe your hands after you have finished eating.  

Just a head’s up: at some shisanyama places, a table cloth is never clean, because people use it to wipe their hands after eating, so rather be on the safe side and wash your hands. 


You may find this funny, but people do end up spending their last cash.

Most shisanyama places these days have bars and live DJs. Sometimes the plan is to go to a place just to fix that shisanyama craving.

After eating you will need at least one drink just to level your stomach of course, but once the DJ gets you up your feet, forget that you will be leaving any time soon.

So when planning on going at a shisanyama spot make sure you have enough money for meat, drinks and most importantly, transport. 

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