As a female (or male)…have you ever wondered what the opposite sex finds most attractive about you?

We asked around and asked the sexes what they would automatically look for with regards to their “special someone”.

Put really honestly by this woman…she basically wants someone who is hot; but hey who doesn’t! 

Completely get where she’s coming from though. It’s actually called “love at first sight” for a reason.

But we did found some romantic ladies who just wanted a kind, caring gentleman…

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We spoke to 7 men and women and surmised that all the ladies were attracted to a guy who:

1. Loves them unconditionally.
2. Has a lovely personality.
3. Is a little bit of a gentlemen but not too “snobbish”.
4. Intelligence is a major strong point.
5. Lastly…women love tall men.

The guys on the other hand…

That was the main trait but of course all of them said that personality was key.

Hmmmm…okay, I’m sure “personality” is the first thing they look for in a lady [insert smirk].

At the end of the day once you find that special someone, those expectations that you once found “oh so important” will dissipate and you’d just love them for them (I hope).

Zuhaa Isaacs

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