JOHANNESBURG – We all know, living the student life is not only hard in our lives, but it’s hitting us where it hurts the most – our pockets. And while, most of our money goes towards tuition, textbooks, travelling expenses, there are some luxuries we have to sacrifice.

But when life gives you lemons, we always make lemonade.

There are money savings ways that can either spare a few rands or reduce the amount of money we’re spending by swopping out for cheaper variations.

Here’s how to cut corners and save more moola:

Get a roommate: Personal space means everything when you’re a young adult, but having a roommate will benefit you financially. It means that every item that you need to purchase, you share the cost with someone.

Try your hand at cooking: 

     Home cooking could be entertaining if you invite a few friends over would can contribute with ingredients for a meal. Source:
Cooking is a drag, and being far away from home means you don’t cook as often or cook as good as your mom. Takeaways is more expensive than home cooking so save money by eating at home and if you can’t cook, well it’s two minute noodles for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Swop brands for affordable versions: If there are certain brands that your mom use to clean, it doesn’t mean you have to use them too. Yes, they might be of quality, but from the way your bank account is set up any brand will do the job just as good.

Buy clothes elsewhere:

By supporting local thrift stores, second-hand shops and local brands, we’ll be saving plenty of bucks which can be used for groceries or pay off debt. Source:
Instead of hitting your local shopping centre for some new threads, try buying clothes from local thrift stores, second-hand shops and street markets. You may not wear the brands you’re accustomed to wearing, but you’ll find some great pieces for less the value, meaning you can buy a whole new wardrobe without spending thousands.

Go to church: I am sure some of you might be confused about how will church help with your current financial situation. Attending a church service (or any religious service) is for your spiritual enrichment and of cause, there will be a nice Sunday meal they always serve after service. This means you don’t have to cook lunch.

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