JOHANNESBURG – The magistrate in the case against the two men allegedly linked to the hijacking of actor Dumi Masilela has questioned the evidence provided by the State during their bail application.

Masilela had been parked in his car in Tembisa on August 2 when a black Jeep approached and a shot was fired as he tried to drive away. He was later declared dead in hospital.

Accused Mfundo Nkosi and Bongani Masombuka were allegedly found in possession of a stolen Jeep Wrangler used in the botched hijacking in which Masilela was shot. The duo were also allegedly found with an unlicensed firearm.

They are facing charges of robbery with aggravating circumstances, which is a schedule six offence.

A visibly irritated Magistrate Elmari Schutte asked Constable Mthokozisi Ngwenya what evidence the police had that linked Nkosi and Masombuka to the murder and attempted hijacking of Masilela.

Ngwenya said he was still awaiting the results of the fingerprints that were taken from the Jeep Wrangler to confirm that they belonged to Nkosi and Masombuka.

The Jeep Wrangler was allegedly stolen in Ekurhuleni.

Earlier, Ngwenya said that a man named Trevor Shabangu was hijacked in Daveyton on 2 August this year, and forced into the back seat of his Jeep Wrangler.

The constable said the six men drove off with Shabangu. They took him to an ATM in Tembisa, where Nkosi allegedly withdrew money. Shabangu’s account has a withdrawal limit of R5,000 limit.

Ngwenya said that the vehicle was found the following day and fingerprints were taken. He said after Masombuka was arrested Nkosi handed himself over and “confessed” to the hijacking.

“Is the jeep confession connected to the murder of Masilela?” Schutte asked.

“Yes,” Ngwenya replied.

Ngwenya told the court that during his confession, Nkosi mentioned the name of another man who he said was part of their group and had allegedly fired the shot that killed Masilela.

The constable said a man named by Nkosi was arrested for possession of a firearm, but had not yet been linked to the fatal shooting of Masilela.

Schutte asked Ngwenya whether the bullet found inside Masilela had been linked to the firearm that was found on the other man.

“I’m not sure,” replied Ngwenya.

The magistrate stood down the matter for Ngwenya to try and obtain the results of the fingerprints that were taken from the Jeep.

State prosecutor Lumka Phoswa told reporters not to take photographs of the suspects because investigations were still under way. The suspects might still be brought before identity parades.

The matter was postponed to Friday.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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