CAPE TOWN – Capetonians are basked in the glory of all things coffee, donuts and sprinkles as Dunkin’ Donuts will open its first South African branch next week.

N1 City Shopping Centre in Goodwood has been named as its first branch in the country and along with the location, they have launched a campaign placing the bracnch opening in the hands of Capetonians.

According to Grand Foods’ marketing and communications director Rozanna Kader, she said; “At Dunkin’ Donuts we offer a unique experience, and to demonstrate just how unique, we’re giving on-the-go South Africans the power to decide our launch date”.

The 10-day challenge launched on October 1st, is a Choose Your Adventure style, prompting those daring enough to take on the challenge and completing it. Here’s what the past challenges were:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5: 

Today’s challenge wants 500 people to take over social media by sharing the donut and coffee emojis with a pal or two, using the hashtags #DunkinSA and #GreatCoffee, tagging Dunkin’Donuts at @DunkinSA. If it reaches the goal, it will move the launch date a day closer, which in essence, could happen any day soon.

The launch and the campaign has generated huge responses on social media. While we can’t show them all, here are some of the favourites:


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