Learn how to master PECAN BURFEE

Everyone makes ‘normal’ burfee these days and although it’s a delicacy, we’re all so used to conventional burfee at events. Try something different, and have your sweetmeats stand out from the rest.

Let’s up the standards a bit for Diwali, and try Pecan burfee.

It’s different, but a truly yummy kind of different. 

Recipe provided by Rashida Habib


500g klim

1 sml nestle cream…155g

1 cup fresh milk

125g butter

500g icing sugar or 3/4 of the 500g

2 cups fresh cream

1 tsp fresh elachi pwd

1 cup sugar

1 cup finely chopped pecan nuts


Blend klim and Nestle in a food processor or use your fingers to mix

When it resembles bread crumbs, push mixture through a sift.

Sift icing sugar and add elachi powder and add klim mixture

Make a thick syrup with 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of milk

Add fresh cream to the syrup and boil till thick

Add butter to syrup just before removing from stove

Add pecans and mix well

Lastly add the klim mixture and leave in a pot for a day or two till its nice and firm

Set in a tray or in pretty paper cups

Dust with edible gold dust and…


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