Hosea ‘Hozie’ is a music producer and one of Namibia’s most renowned hip hop artists. He started off as an artist in 2014 and ventured into producing in 2017.

His work is centred around sound mixing and mastering. He helps many of the upcoming artists in his country, and posts tips for other producers in order for them to become better at what they do. He also posts his daily do’s as a way of motivating and inspiring other artists. 

He had a deep interest in music from a young age, and the love of music inspired him in this line of work.

In the next five years he envisions becoming a music judge, mentor, mainstream artist and the biggest producer in his country.

His vision is to see more young people pursing their dreams with the full knowledge that nothing comes easily, and participating in projects that are designed to help others, because these projects are a better success story than others.

He is of the view that young people are forced to take education more seriously than pursing what they love doing. Young people do not value time and time is a vital component in getting things done. 

Looking ahead, Hosea would like to see more young millionaires within the SADC region. He says that young people need to understand that in order to win they first should know what it’s like to lose. If not, they won’t know how to appreciate success – losing is part of the process and young people must learn to embrace it.