Maureen runs an organisation called Young Women With A Vision (YWWAV).

YWWAV encourages young women in entrepreneurship through skills and talent development. She trains women in leadership skills, moral knowledge, financial management, personal branding and mentorship skills. Through networking, various support exercises and learnings from other women’s experiences, Maureen supports these young people to grow spiritually, emotionally and ultimately, financially.

Her personal experience as a young entrepreneur drew her to start the organisation. Running her own business helped her to become financially stable and she decided to share some of her lessons with other young women to ensure that they too benefit. 

Starting this foundation was her way of giving back to her community, to enable young women from the community to run efficient, profitable and self-sustaining enterprises; having observed that a lot of young women are talented and want to set up businesses always have a dependency mindset focused on finding someone to fund their businesses. 

When she started the organisation, she set out to show that a business can be started without the need for income from other people, but through efforts aimed at generating the necessary funding to generate an income.  

She started the organisation as a social group with a vision to develop a faculty of self-sustaining women. Today, YWWAV has become a tool of influence for young women across the country. The organisation that started with only seven members holds over 25 enriched members who run profitable and self-sustaining businesses. 

She says if she can contribute towards these young women, she is happy that she would have been able to play towards nurturing fresh ideas and inspiring them to take off the limitations from what they are capable of achieving.