Tinashe Mazuruse is a University of Johannesburg graduate who has launched two start-ups – one operating in the education sector and the other in the artificial intelligence space.

Digital Intelligence Technologies is an Al start-up that focusses on machine learning, the teaching of Al to schools in South Africa and the provision of Al solutions to start-ups across the continent. 

Tinashe is also actively involved as a student assistant, helping students with final year projects for free.

From a young age, he was always passionate about changing the world. He says changing the world doesn’t mean you have to be like Zuckerberg but that it is about doing the little things within one’s means and capacity.

His vision is for DIT to become a leading technology producer in Africa, providing innovative solutions in the AI space that will enable and empower Africans arenas across the continent. 

He says, if he has his way, AI will be an abbreviation for African Intelligence because he believes that so many AI innovations will be coming from Africa.

Tinashe says, young people are the panacea to the challenges Africa is facing now, and most young people are innovative, but they lack the platforms and opportunities to exhibit their solutions, which could propel Africa to higher grounds. 

His desire is to see fresh, agile and open to learning young people joining the revolution that’s changing the world – that is the Fourth Industrial Revolution and says the call to change Africa with the 4IR is one to be answered by Africa’s youth.