JOHANNESBURG – Boys and girls, men and women, we love each other, however, we are direct opposites and that means that there is something the one sex does that is sure to annoy the hell out of the other. Therefore, ladies and gents, here are things you might have been doing, that surely have the other half of the human race wanting to pull their teeth out.

Guys hate it when ladies… NAG!

                                                                                                               Source: Pinterest/Jennifer Porter

Guys don’t like it when you complain too much ladies, it drives them up the wall. You might think that you are simply getting your feelings out there, but to him you’re just breathing down his neck.

Ladies hate it when guys… CATCALL! 

                                                                                                                Source: Pinterest/Michele Dappert

Ladies hate being catcalled in the streets, as it makes them feel unsafe and objectified. Also, gents, shouting at a passing woman to get her attention = Not a good idea!

Guys hate it when ladies… DON’T EAT!

                                                                                                               Source: Pinterest/Dannya Sanchez

Ladies, in most cases when a guy takes you out on a date he expects BOTH of you to eat. So stop being self-conscious about eating on dates or in public as this annoys guys because they might think you’re purposely being unhealthy and can’t take care of yourself.

Ladies hate it when guys… ASK IF THEY’RE ON THEIR PERIOD! 

                                                                                                                  Source: Pinterest/Denise 1616

Guys, when a girl is annoyed, irritated or angry, it doesn’t mean she is menstruating. It means that she is in fact annoyed, irritated or angry. Therefore, you assuming that she is only capable of these emotions when she is on period is likely to make her feel disrespected and aggravate her even more.

Guys hate it when ladies… GET MAD FOR NO REASON! 

                                                                                                                      Source: Pinterest/gustavo

Guys simply loathe trying to pick up on all your subtle hints as to why you are not pleased with them. They don’t get why you don’t just tell them what has you upset instead of ultimately having to apologise for a mysterious reason.

Ladies hate it when guys… GET MAD FOR BEING UNDATEABLE! 

                                                                                    Source: Pinterest/Sarah Hogue

Gents, when you ask a girl out, it doesn’t mean they have to date you. Ladies are allowed to decline your offer for many reasons, even if they have no reason – get over it.
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