Walking around the mall, window shopping and making mental notes of everything you need to get yourself, the minute you get paid…


…and that’s excluding all the other boring grown-up things like settling debt, rent or having food in your belly at the end of the night.

AGH! Saving is hard

If you’re someone who spends their money the minute they get paid (uhm…me).

On unnecessary things like coffee, shoes (not THAT unnecessary) or anything you don’t actually
need to buy.

Then you should be following these easy steps to make your saving journey a little bit

1. Set Realistic Goals- Start with a plan you can accomplish for example…

I LOVE food and eating at fancy restaurants…but, it is SO costly.

Sacrificing the restaurant dinner with your BFF or significant other is not going to kill your relationship (if it will, then there’s a serious problem).

But saving the expensive candle lit dinner for once a month or special occasion is going to benefit you in the long run.

And, to get something out of it as well you guys can learn a new skill together like make a nice home cooked meal! Yum!

2. Focus on what you really want

A new car? A nice bag? A down payment on an apartment? A well deserved overseas vacation?

No matter how big or small your desire is, focus on that and work toward it.

In this case focus on saving the money toward that thing you really REALLY want.

You’ll be surprised how much you can motivate yourself when you’re excited about getting what you’ve always wanted.

3. Track your spending- This really helps.

The minute you ignore your spending habits it becomes a problem because you’ll always think you “have” when in actual fact, you probably don’t.

Be aware of what you’re spending your money because it’s the deciding factor if you’re okay with what how much you’re spending or if you need to make some serious changes (sigh).

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Getting apps like You Need A Budget or Mint can really help or just keep it old school and use a little notebook and pen.

4. Curb unnecessary spending…

If you find yourself gravitating toward the sale rack whenever you see those red tags (sale at Cotton On? Yes, please!) then take a break from your plastic little friend and give yourself a cash allowance.

When you’re swiping you don’t feel or see your money disappearing (until there’s too much month at the end of your wallet that is) but the minute you see your cash allowance slowly depleting with every petty purchase, you begin to rethink all those sale purchases.

5. Create a savings account.

Have a saving and a spending account. As simple as that.

6. But do treat yourself when you deserve it!

But this doesn’t mean everyday! (Because honestly I feel as if I should be treating myself on the daily).

A big part of financial health is spending (wisely and responsibly) on things that’ll give you long term happiness.

You’ve been working super hard? You deserve that new phone.

Broke your favourite heels? Go get yourself a new one but don’t go doing this every week.

You work hard for your money and sometimes you deserve the spoil.

It’ll probably start off as being one the most hardest things you’ll ever do but trust me…the minute you start seeing your finances grow and being able to spoil yourself WITHOUT GOING BROKE!

You’ll be saving like an expert in no time.

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